Seresto Small Dog Collars

Seresto flea and tick collars for small dogs

Fleas are extraordinarily mobile and tenacious parasites. There is no place where they are guaranteed not to disturb your pet. Even small dogs that spend 90% of their time in city apartments are not immune to the attack of bloodsuckers, whose larvae can get into your house on the owners’ shoes. The adult fleas can migrate to clean, well-groomed pet hair during a second conversation with a neighbor’s dog or cat. As for ticks, one trip to the park or a trip out of town is enough to pick them up from the grass. But there is a way to protect your four-legged friend from bites, scratches, and the dangerous diseases that parasites carry – the Seresto collar for small dogs that is comfortable, safe, and effective.

Seresto small dog flea & tick collars

The collar, without exaggeration, is one of the best ways to deal with fleas and ticks. With profuse advantages, it has almost no drawbacks and is ideal for protecting small dogs.


  • Does not cause uncomfortable irritation or unpleasant odors like some cheap wither preparations.
  • Does not make frightening hissing sounds like sprays.
  • Leaves no oily residue on the coat that gives the pets an untidy look, like lotions. In addition, your upholstered furniture, carpets, and clothing that the animal comes into contact with will remain clean.
  • You don’t have to chase the dog and try to open its jaws or force the animal to give the pill.
  • And most importantly, while the action of all the listed funds ends after 3-4 weeks, the product remains active for another 8 months! It requires no updates or changes: put it on, fasten it and forget it.

Seresto is soft, light, and barely perceptible on the body, and over time, getting used to it, the pet will stop noticing it. This accessory is excellent, invisible, impalpable, yet effective protection!

Choose flea collars for small dogs or puppies

Seresto remains comfortable and harmless to the animal only when it is in the proper size, so you can be sure that the dog will deal with a safe amount of active ingredients for him. It’s easy because Seresto’s flexible plastic bands can be simply adjusted to fit your pet’s body. It is only necessary to determine whether the dog belongs to a large or small breed.

The 70 cm long flea collars are designed for large dogs. Great Danes, Mastiffs, St. Bernards, Sheepdogs, Wolfhounds, Alabai – commonly, or anything over 8 kg (18 pounds) falls into this category.

The length of the Seresto collar for small dogs – Spitz, Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, Pugs, Poodles, Lapdogs, etc. – is 38 cm. If your pet weighs under 8 kg, this is your choice.

Do not forget that there should be a gap of two fingers wide between the tape and the animal’s body to ensure that the pet can breathe, eat and drink freely! Make sure this condition is met.

Size Recommended weight of dog Length of collar
Small dogs Under 8 Kg (18 lbs) 15 (38 cm)
Large dogs Over 8 kg (18 lbs) 27,5 (70 cm)

How to use Seresto collars for puppies?

Often a remedy that works well on adult dogs can be unfavorable for the health of babies. In order not to worry about your pet, remember a simple rule:

  • If the young animal has not yet reached the age of 7 weeks, the time for the Seresto collar for puppies has not come.
  • If he is older, welcome to the club! From now on, your family pet can count on complete protection from fleas, ticks, itching, minor wounds from being bitten, and diseases transmitted through the blood.

Puppies tend to increase in size quickly, so it can happen that the properly worn tape becomes too tight. Keep this in mind, and do not forget to check if it fits around the neck from time to time. However, you might want to avoid the tape being too loose for the pet not to reach it with its teeth and chew it.

No other action needs to be taken. Flea collars do not even require removal during bathing, as long as you try to arrange water procedures no more than once a month and do not use aggressive shampoos.

Benefits of the Seresto flea collar for small dogs

The Seresto collar is superior in many respects to similar products from other manufacturers:

  • Its effects react almost immediately. Fleas die within the first 24 hours, ticks within 48 hours, and every new insect that attacks your dog will be eliminated before it has time to cause any harm. Fleas do not even have time to lay their eggs!
  • It works for 8 months, gradually releasing the active substances from the plastic matrix. While other accessories of similar action require constant updates, the product continuously proceeds to function.
  • It helps prevent diseases such as sarcoptic scabies, theileriosis, encephalitis, and others transmitted by parasites. Sometimes fleas even carry tapeworm larvae!
  • It remains effective even when wet or after exposure to the Sun ultraviolet for a long time.
  • It does not have an irritating smell, does not leave greasy marks, and does not cause discomfort to the dog.
  • It is safe for owners. Although after putting the collar on, it is advised to wash hands with soap and water to remove individual intolerance to the components of the current product.

Flea and tick collar Seresto up to 18 pounds

Small dogs and cats are sometimes in danger of getting their collar caught on an unexpected obstacle: such as a branch in a bush in the yard, a metal ornament on a fence, and getting hurt. However, with Seresto, this situation is excluded: a special ratchet will expand the collar loop when the animal starts to pull it to break free and allow him to slip out unharmed.

Collars for small dogs under 18 lbs are equipped with a breakpoint where the collar breaks in the event the animal makes an active effort to free itself. Presented in a domestic situation, namely during the game, scratching or trying to get rid of an unusual accessory, the tape will remain intact. It was created in such a way as to burst only in an exceptional case.

If you still have any questions regarding the performance, application, or operation of the product, feel free to contact us through the website and you will puzzle out any of your concerns. A team of qualified professionals is ready to provide the necessary advice so that you can make the most successful choice. As a result, everyone will be satisfied, both you and your pet.

Animal safety is always a concern for responsible pet owners, but from now, you can rest assured that the health and well-being of your dog are under reliable protection. Buy a Seresto collar, give your dog a carefree, happy life without parasites, and enjoy your peace of mind!