Seresto Large Dog Collars

Seresto collars for large dogs

Every dog owner once thinks about how to protect their pet from fleas and other harmful insects, especially owners of large dogs. Unlike small indoor pets, this big-size animal must be outside at least twice a day, which increases the risk of being attacked by bloodsuckers. But not with Seresto collars! Flexible, light, and safe for four-legged friends and dog lovers but deadly for fleas, ticks, and nits, they act quickly and effectively. With a large dog, Seresto will be a real salvation and allow you to safely take long walks with your pet on the streets, in the parks, and even in the forests outside the city!

Seresto® large dog flea collar

Many means have been invented to combat fleas, but they all have drawbacks. The sprays frighten the animal with hissing sounds, while the drops often cause allergies, and not every animal will agree to take pills, especially a large and not perfectly obedient one. Even among collars, there are unsuccessful models. Ultrasonic is described with a high price and low efficiency as an example. All of these inefficacious attachments have a common disadvantage: they manage to kill fleas on a dog but the duration of the protection against parasites of such products will be catastrophically short compared to Seresto.

A flea collar can help control insects that have already settled in your pet’s coat and prevent re-infestation. Size variability allows you to choose the perfect product for your pets, both small and large dogs weighing more over 8 kg (i.e. more over 18 pounds)! Allergic reactions to Seresto are rare, although this fact does not negate reasonable caution when using the accessory for the first time. Our collars are as close to perfection as possible.

Three undeniable advantages of the collar for large dogs Seresto

It is no coincidence that veterinarians recommended Seresto. There are at least three reasons to give preference to them:

  • The accessory starts working as soon as it is attached to the dog’s neck. It will kill the fleas in 2 hours and the ticks in 48 hours. In case of re-infection, the parasite will die before it has time to cause harm. The accessory protects the animal not only from bites and scratches but also from diseases carried by bloodsuckers.
  • An innovative time-release system allows active ingredients to last up to 8 months, with the Seresto collar for large dogs working as long as it does on small breeds, although it has to cover a larger body area.
  • The waterproof Seresto won’t stop your pet from frolicking in wet grass or the rain or bathing your dog if necessary, but no more than once a month. The answer is that the active substances are imprinted inside the base plastic matrix, so they do not impact the outer dressing, unlike in ordinary flea collars that become oily and stain everything they touch.

Safe and natural collars for large and medium dogs

No matter how much the dog’s owner wants to get rid of the parasites oppressing their tailed friend, neglecting the animal’s safety is inadmissible. Fortunately, owners of Seresto flea and tick collars for large dogs do not have to make a risky choice. The collar’s components are calculated with pharmaceutic precision to cause trouble exclusively for fleas, with minimal impact on the dog’ or your family member’s health.

The flea collar is easy to use. Wrap it around the neck of the animal, thread the end through the loop, cut off the protruding tail, and you have fixed it completely. It remains only to periodically check whether it has become too tight if the puppy is still in the process of growth.

The plastic neckband does not leave greasy marks on the dog’s fur, fingers, carpets, curtains, and furniture. It is not only practical but also neat: you do not need to worry about the condition of the house, trying on a collar for a pet.

Any questions or doubts can be resolved on the website, where qualified and animal-loving specialists work, ready to provide the necessary advice for you.

What does our collar contain?

Two ingredients provide high-quality protection for dogs from bloodsuckers of all stripes:

  • midacloprid (10.0%). The drug has been used for many years to rid animals of different sizes, breeds, and species of fleas and has proven itself perfectly.
  • Flumetrin (4.5%). It is intended against ticks, however, its ability to combine well with Imidacloprid and enhance the effect of the latter has provided Flumethrin with a place in the formula of the composition introduced into the matrix of the Seresto flea and tick collar for large dogs.

When these two substances are combined in the correct proportions, it has a destructive effect. The mixture gradually distributes throughout the animal’s body without the flea having to be close to the collar, as is required when using analogs.

Important information

Precautionary measures:

  • Do not use Seresto on puppies under 7 weeks old and weighing 18 pounds.
  • A gap of 2 fingers is required between the neckband and the animal’s body.
  • In tick season, inspect your dog daily for parasites.
  • Please note that the collar has not been tested on pregnant or lactating animals.
  • When using it for the first time, monitor the well-being of the animal.

Why are Seresto collars recommended for large dogs?

As a rule, representatives of large breeds spend a lot of time on the street, move impressive distances under the sun, are more often in nature, and when they are near water bodies, they willingly go to freshen up. Seresto for large dogs is ideal for all of these conditions! It does not lose its properties under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, does not prevent the animal from refreshing in the water, and continues to destroy fleas and ticks, regardless of the frequency and intensity of the dog’s movements.

The effectiveness of the accessory will indeed decrease if you bathe the animal with an aggressive shampoo or arrange water procedures more than once a month. In this case, the shelf life of the collar will be 5 months for fleas and about 7 months for ticks.

Seresto for large dogs provides reliable protection against fleas and ticks and is gentle on the pet’s health. All our products are of high quality, and direct purchases from the manufacturer guarantee the absence of fakes. Make an order right now through and give your pet comfort and safety while spending yourself carefree days in the company of a true friend.