Seresto Flea Collars for Cats

Flea & tick collars for cats

Old enemies of the feline are not dogs at all. Blood-sucking parasites – fleas and ticks – are a much greater danger to your pet. As soon as these creatures settle in the hair of a cat, problems begin: painful bites, combed areas, inflammation that appear when an infection enters them… And there are also diseases carried by bloodsuckers, and it’s good if it’s an unpleasant scabies, and not a deadly encephalitis ! What about parasites like the bull tapeworm, whose larvae travel safely on the backs of fleas from animal to animal? There are lots of dangers. Even worse, any cat is at risk of encountering small pests, unless you keep it in a sterile room. Annoying fleas can attack your pet by jumping on him from the neighbor’s cat or walking home on your outdoor shoes. Ticks are slightly less dangerous for a city animal, but if you live in a private house, and the cat at least occasionally goes out into the yard, touching the grass, it is at risk. It is extremely difficult to foresee everything!

Seresto cat collars – a breakthrough in flea and tick protection

Caring owners have always been looking for a way to rid their pets of fleas. Drops on the withers, sprays, lotions, shampoos, tablets, even ultrasound – everything has been tried! Some methods gave stable results, others were ineffective, but each had its drawbacks. Sprays hissed, some cats managed to lick up drops, shampoos often smelled too strong, an expensive ultrasonic product did a poor job of killing fleas, and pets resisted trying to feed them with pills so actively that they often emerged victorious from the fight, leaving their owners with scratched hands.

Flea & tick collars for cats, poisoning parasites with special preparations, seem to be the best solution against the background of all of the above; but they had not been perfect before – they smelled unpleasant, left oily marks, and most importantly, they did not last long. But the Seresto cat collar is devoid of these shortcomings. It does not lose effectiveness for 8 months, serves as an effective means of killing fleas and preventing their repeated attacks, does not stain wool and furniture, does not cause discomfort to the animal, and remains safe for cats and humans.

About Seresto collars

Seresto flea collars for cats and kittens are produced by the company with a long history, Bayer, known throughout the world for the high quality of its products. Its products for animals are recommended by veterinarians, effective and harmless. And since is an official partner of Bayer, this means that:

  • We receive goods directly from the manufacturer and do not deal with intermediaries.
  • The products presented on our website are original.

Pay attention that when you buy Seresto from random online sellers, even if 2-3 times cheaper, you can never be sure that you have not become the owner of a fake, which will not be able to protect your cat from fleas, but may not be quite safe for it, while ordering on will save you from doubt.

Made of lightweight plastic, comfortable and odorless, the Seresto collar spreads its action over the entire body of the pet. No need to wait until the flea is in close proximity to the plastic strip – wherever the parasite lurks, it will be destroyed.

Key benefits of Seresto collars

The Seresto flea collar compares favorably with similar products from other manufacturers due to the following advantages:

  • Its basis is a polymer matrix, into which substances are imprinted that destroy and repel bloodsuckers. Gradually, in microscopic doses, they are released to the surface, evenly distributed over the cat’s hair, so that by the 8th month of use the accessory remains as effective as in the first days.
  • The collar is designed so that the animal can free itself if the loop gets caught in an unexpected obstacle and becomes trapped. But while the cat is not in danger, it will not be able to reset the accessory on its own.
  • Seresto can not be removed until the expiration date, after which it is disposed of by throwing it into a garbage bag.

Each collar contains

Seresto collars for cats contain a unique combination of two drugs, one of which, Imidacloprid, kills fleas and nits, and the second, Flumetrin, kills ticks. Both substances are well combined, complementing and enhancing each other’s action, and precisely calculated proportions allow them to remain merciless to parasites and safe for cats and people. You can safely use a flea collar for kittens older than 7 weeks and not be afraid to harm them. No other similar product can boast of such a combination!

Another feature of the collar is the delayed release technology, thanks to which the active substances do not appear on the surface of the collar, but are released within 8 months. And that also makes it exceptional.

What is important to know about the Seresto flea collar for cats?

When the cat collar starts to work, it may seem that there are more fleas. This is normal, it’s just that dying insects rise to the top layers of the hair and you see them more often. It takes 24 hours for the cat to get rid of the fleas and 48 for the ticks to die. If after that the parasites appear on the body of the animal, it means that the pet picks them up after communicating with someone’s untreated cat, and it makes sense to analyze the route of its walks.

In rare cases, the ingredients of the active mixture can cause an allergic reaction in the animal, so it is necessary to observe the cat for a while to make sure that it feels good at the first application. If the pet becomes lethargic, vomits, or develops other adverse symptoms, the collar should be removed and the cat should be taken to the veterinarian.

The flea collar for kittens should be checked regularly to make sure that the loop has not become too tight due to the rapid growth of the animal.

Seresto has no expiration date. If the packaging is not damaged, then you can use it for its intended purpose.

Seresto collar provides cats and kittens with 8 months of freedom from blood-sucking parasites, helps prevent various diseases transmitted by bites, and does not interfere with enjoying life. Give your pet more than six months of peace and comfort along with natural protection against fleas and ticks!